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Billy Porter Steals the Show at The Blonds’ “Moulin Rouge”-themed event …

Every season, fashion designers strive to reinvent the concept of the runway show, and for the Spring 2020 collections, The Blonds succeeded in creating one of the most joyful events of the week.

Phillipe and David Blond worked with the producers of Moulin Rouge: The Musical to present their latest collection on the stage of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, amid cast members performing numbers from the show. As if that wasn’t enough to energize NYFW attendees, the Blonds enlisted Pose’s Billy Porter to both perform his latest song, “Love Yourself,” and take part in the “Lady Marmalade” finale. Fold in an onstage appearance by Paris Hilton, Phillipe Blond’s entrance on a swing from high above the stage, and the duo’s dazzling designs, and this was a show not to be missed. Read the full story here.

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