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An Interview with Emma Grede for August's Business Traveler ...

I had the best time talking with Emma Grede, who appears on the August 2023 cover of Business Traveler. Her name might not be familiar to you if you're not steeped in fashion-insider knowledge, but the brands she helped create should be — Skims and Good American among them. Grede's partners include Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, who are able to shine high-wattage spotlights on their business endeavors via their envious social-media audiences. But Grede is quick to point out that these women are deeply involved day-to-day in each business, overseeing product design and making decisions integral to each brand's success. The L.A.-based Grede is also passionate about highlighting diversity and inclusivity through her work, which has made Good American in particular a resounding success. She talks about her work with every brand, why she's growing the DTC Good American to include brick-and-mortar retail locations, and her commitment to philanthropy, notably The Fifteen Percent Pledge. The story is featured below and also can be read online here. And thanks for reading!


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