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Top Oscar-Night Jewelry Looks, for The Hollywood Reporter …

Covering the Academy Awards red carpet is both hectic and thrilling: From a fashion perspective it’s probably the biggest and most-watched night of the year, as the world tunes in to see what Hollywood’s A-list is wearing. While everyone else is watching, fashion journalists are frantically gathering the information needed to both write stories and engage on social media in a timely manner. For The Hollywood Reporter, I put together this round-up of the night’s best jewelry looks, emailing some of the world’s best-known brands — from Harry Winston to Tiffany & Co., Cartier and more — asking for information to be confirmed and for images to run side-by-side with red-carpet photos in the story. That aspect is valued by any reader who perhaps only caught a glimpse of an earring or necklace and would love to see it in greater detail. It’s a non-stop night, but also really fun. Click here to read the story.

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