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The Latest Hot Hue in Watches, for The Hollywood Reporter ...

At the annual Watches & Wonders trade show in Geneva, a hot color trend always emerges, and the 2023 edition in late March was no exception. As we participated in appointments with Omega, Bulgari, Patek Philippe, IWC, Czapek and others, it was clear that all colors of the sea were top of mind among the world's hottest watchmakers. Many were indeed directly inspired by the sea to create their latest status timepieces, from the Atlantic Blue dial in Omega's new Aqua Terra Shades collection to the dial that evokes thoughts of the ocean depths on the new Bulgari Aluminum Capri Edition. (As a bonus, it was a chance to have a little fun with a headline on this page in the May 17, 2023 issue of The Hollywood Reporter.) Enjoy!


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