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Will Olivia Newton-John’s “Grease” Jacket Fetch $1 Million?

Olivia Newton-John is auctioning a wide variety of items from her personal collection on Saturday, Nov. 2nd, with the funds raised from many of them going to her eponymous cancer research and treatment center in Melbourne, Australia.

Among the tour costumes, awards, personal artwork and other items, one lot is sure to garner intense interest: the leather jacket Newton-John wore during the final scene in 1978’s Grease. The jacket carries an estimate of $100k to $200k, but auction experts say the iconic costume could bring a much higher price, perhaps as much as $1 million.

This interview with Newton-John for The Hollywood Reporter’s Style site was a delight from beginning to end, not only because of her ultra-positive attitude, but also the anecdote she shared about the jacket: She asked a courier to bring the jacket from L.A. to Melbourne, not only for a media tour about the upcoming auction, but she also urged patients at her cancer center try on the jacket, creating moments of pure joy for women undergoing cancer treatment. Click here to read the full story.

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