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Watches from Three Icons Hit the Auction Block, for The Hollywood Reporter ...

Status timepieces worn by Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Sylvester Stallone are part of the "Racing Pulse" sale taking place at Phillips on December 12.

For the 12/9/20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, I wrote about key watches set for sale on Dec. 12 at "Racing Pulse," which includes a selection of status timepieces owned by a trio of actors closely associated with high-end horology: Steve McQueen and the TAG Heuer Monaco he wore in Le Mans, a Rolex owned by Paul Newman and five watches owned by Sylvester Stallone, including the Panerai he wore in 1996's Daylight.

UPDATE: Read the details of the sale here, then check out the prices achieved (including a new world record) on the auction page at

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