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Superhero Watches and Women’s Stainless Steel, for The Hollywood Reporter …

For the annual Watches section in the November 13, 2019, issue of The Hollywood Reporter, I put together two groupings: colorful status watches for men, pieces that gave off a bit of superhero vibe — from forward-thinking brands that include MB&F, De Bethune and Richard Mille — and then for women, the latest in stainless-steel mechanicals.

The latter group also is indicative of a growing trend in the watch industry: a recognition of women as serious watch collectors who desire mechanical watches vs. quartz pieces simply embellished with diamonds, as has been the prevailing trend for many years. But the watch industry is waking up to the idea that women care just as much about mechanical features and movements as men do, and they’re offering cool solutions as a result. The stainless-steel pieces seen here, from brands that include Chopard, Grand Seiko and Jaeger-Lecoultre, offer mechanical precision and classic styling, an ideal combination for a watch you’ll keep forever.

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