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Red Watches, Just in Time for Red Carpets, for The Hollywood Reporter …

Just like fashion, watches also experience color trends in both dials and metals. Rose gold came into prominence several years ago, overtaking yellow gold as the go-to metal, though lately yellow gold has been making a comeback. Dials in all shades of blue, meanwhile, have become a staple after trending five or six years ago, while dials in green and even salmon pink have turned up as hot color trends more recently.

Red watches are the latest to gain traction in popular watch hues, and with colors from claret to wine to burgundy also trending in formalwear on red carpets, I gathered the images and info for this page, which appears in The Hollywood Reporter’s January 8, 2020, issue. The biggest challenge? The page was produced in the midst of everyone’s December holiday break, so I’m especially grateful that brands ranging from Omega and TAG Heuer to Chopard, Jaeger-LeCoultre and more boutique watchmakers like Czapek were able to provide both the info and images needed to result in the grouping you see here. Red alert, indeed.

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