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Exploring the YSL Museums, for Celebrated Living …

For the Jan/Feb issue of Celebrated Living, the magazine for the First Class cabins of American Airlines, I took a look at two museums dedicated to one legend: Yves Saint Laurent. The openings of these two unique spaces on different continents has been met with great fanfare in the fashion industry, and rightly so, as they honor both the work and the life of one of the industry’s most-beloved designers.

I spoke with YSL museum execs in both Paris and Marrakech, who discussed not only how these spaces showcase and pay tribute to Saint Laurent’s work process and many of his most iconic designs (including his legendary Mondrian dress, seen here), but also how — especially in the case of the Marrakech museum and the adjacent garden oasis, Jardin Marjorelle — museum planners focused on his love of art and on the quiet moments in his life. Each museum tells a wholly unique story and, together, they succeed in celebrating a fashion legend.

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