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Designer Masks Are the New Must-Have Accessory, for The Hollywood Reporter ...

With the CDC recommending double masks as the safest protection against COVID-19, the time was right for The Hollywood Reporter to highlight an array of masks currently being offered by a wide range of designers, from Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch and Tom Ford to L.A.-based designers that include red-carpet favorite Monique Lhuillier and dress label Black Halo. This page is a terrific statement not only in how comprehensively the fashion industry has embraced masks as a key part of their collections over the past year, but also the wide range of price points, from exceedingly affordable (and, in the case of Burch's designs, with proceeds from purchases also benefiting COVID-19 research) to coveted, high-priced masks that are sure to become collectors' items. This story appeared in the 2/17/21 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, but the story also can be found online here.


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